Laquana Cooke, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric in the English Department at West Chester University of Pennsylvania where she teaches and develops courses in Digital Humanities, Youth Empowerment and Urban Studies, and Game Design & Development. Her research sits at the intersections of critical pedagogy, media criticism, generative justice, and the performative view of design practices. In addition, her research and teaching revolves around concepts of students’/users’/players’ sociotechnical and sociocultural experiences in procedural spaces (e.g., video games) and their peripheral communities. She has conceptualized and written about how Metatuning— a game design pedagogical framework—can be used to empower underrepresented youth and optimize their learning experiences. As Program Director of iCamp Summer Media Academy, Dr. Cooke expands metatuning as an organizational model for pre-college STEM programming.   Dr. Cooke has been exhibited and presented at national conferences and game expositions. She has over 10 years of experience in developing and facilitating media and STEAM-based programs for nonprofits, secondary, and higher education sectors. 
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